Silicone (VMQ) offers a number of unique properties: it is noted for its wide temperature range from -100°C to +260°C; they have the best low-temperature flexibility compared to all other elastomers; good ozone and weather resistance; can be compounded to be either electrically insulating or conductive; it is very clean and is often used in food, pharmaceutical and medical applications. In addition Silicone has good resistance to compression set. However, Silicone should not be used for dynamic applications as they have a low tensile strength, poor tear strength and abrasion resistance.

May be used for Should not be used for

Animal and vegetable oil and grease
Engine and transmission oil
Fire-resistant hydraulic fluid,HFD-R & HFD-S
High Aniline point oil
High temperature (Dry heat)
Low temperature
Ozone and weather resistance

Acids and alkalis
Aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene, benzene)
Dynamic applications
Hydrocarbon based fuels
Most petroleum oils
Silicone based oil & grease
Superheated water/steam over 120°C

Silicone is available as O-ring, O-ring cord, extruded profile, washer, gasket, sheet and strip products.