We manufacture precision lathe cut rubber washers – also known as: Lathe cut rings, Square cut washers or Square section O-rings.  Other parts that may be lathe cut include bushes, gaskets, tubes and sleeves. These products are manufactured to customer specifications in a wide range of rubber compounds and sizes. The most popular materials are: Nitrile, Neoprene®, EPDM, Natural, Silicone and Viton® which we offer in a range of colours and hardness.

The dimensions of a lathe cut part is described by internal (ID) and outer (OD) diameters; and thickness. During the manufacture the dimensions that can be controlled are the ID, wall width and thickness.

Washer diagram

The materials we use are selected for their superior sealing qualities, and the physical properties are usually far superior to the materials used for calendered sheeting.

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Whether making precision washers or tubes the manufacturing process is essentially the same: Production commences with the manufacture of a rubber tube. This is made in one of three ways: extrusion; mandrel building or moulding.

  • Uncured extrusion is placed onto a precision mandrel, or uncured rubber is built onto a precision mandrel; the uncured tubes are then vulcanised in a high pressure steam autoclave. After removal from the autoclave the ID’s of the tubes will have been permanently set. Whereas moulded tube is cured whilst in the mould tool.
  • Once the tube is cured, the product is ground to achieve the required outside diameter (OD) or wall width.
  • The tube is then cut to the required length and to meet the agreed thickness tolerance.

Lathe Cut parts are an economical alternative to press cut or moulded seals, washers and gaskets. With low minimums and a comprehensive inventory of precision mandrels we are able to do most jobs without the need to charge for expensive tools.

Key advantages of Lathe cut parts:

  • Inexpensive or no tooling costs
  • No ‘Apple core’ profiles vs. press-cut products
  • Smooth surface finish without parting line or flash
  • No moulding defects, such as pits, voids or non-fills
  • Tight dimensional tolerances possible
  • any thickness of washer is possible
  • choice of rubber compound is far greater than with press cut parts
    e.g. special colours, rubber hardness, special approvals
  • Small minimum orders available
  • Rapid prototype/samples (often in a week)