Our expertise in the processing of rubber allows us to advise our customers on the best methods of processing rubber into a finished article.  At our Warrington site we manufacture:

  • Lathe cut rubber washers, rings, bushes and sleeves – all manufactured from extruded or mandrel built tube.
  • Custom cutting of free issue tube into washers.
  • High quality mouldings up to 15″ (381mm) diameter, including: rubber to metal bonding, diaphragms and sheeting 12″ (305mm) square X 1/8″ (3mm) thickness upwards.
  • Roller covering up to 12″ (305mm) diameter X 3ft (915mm) between journals.
  • Brass lined rubber bushes

We have a full tooling list for the following products:

  • moulded Gauge Glass cones
  • rubber balls for vibratory sieves

Your partner in rubber technology